03-06-2018 Amicalola Falls State Park to Lodge

And so it begins. There are only 2,189 miles to go now. Joe Gavalda, Pamela Hembree, and Jan Haney have joined me for the first 9.5 miles up some of the steepest elevation of the trail.

We drove to the top of Springer Mountain where we waited several hours for our shuttle driver. Sadly he was running late because his previous customers were late at the Atlanta Airport due to snow in the Northeast.

When he finally arrived it was a race back to the State Park in order to allow me to actually register. When we got there the door was locked. Mercy was the order of the day though as a Park Ranger allowed me to crash the door and register. I’m the 179th joker to register for the actual hike.

The four of us managed to climb the 600 steps ( with a few stops) Well more than a few!!! Jan’s comment, “I can’t breathe!”

It was only a mile….. but it’s one less mile to go. Hopefully I will be more in tune to WordPress as I go. Tomorrow nights post will be from my tent…… I hope.

17 thoughts on “03-06-2018 Amicalola Falls State Park to Lodge

  1. just keep putting one foot in front of the other and take time to enjoy the views I have confidence that you will finish this but it’s not the destination, it’s the journey so our best to you and stay safe Ron and Sharon Blake

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  2. I meant to tell you this before you left and forgot. If you happen to stop at Muskrat Shelter (first one in NC) to spend the night there is a side trail to the most beautiful sunset ever there. Also the fuselage of a downed plane is scattered in the woods. Hope it works out that’s where you will be for the night.


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