03-14-2018. Day 8. Deep Gap to Bly Gap, North Carolina. 12.4 miles (78.0 + 8.8 = 86.8 miles)

It’s hard to believe how small and slow your steps can become as I try to walk to Maine. Last nights bagel wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped. Frozen hard as a rock. I actually tossed one half into the woods. This morning it was gone.

This morning we all stayed in our tents awhile. It was beyond cold. Once moving we stopped at a branch and loaded up with water before hiking 3.2 miles to a highway where Top of Georgia is located. We diverted to it hoping to get Silver some new boots but it turned out to be a place only interested in signing in lodgers. After a week of quiet hiking we were suddenly surrounded by four hyperactive women saying take your shoes off, don’t sit there, sign in here, get a drink, oh your not staying? Dont sign in. I left and returned to the quiet of the trail. A valuable hour lost. The resupply store was minimal. Dont bother to stop there.

The ride with six hikers to Top of Georgia Hostel. We hiked the0.7 miles back.

On top of that a church group was grilling hot dogs and burgers on a grill. We missed it. I’d have done just about anything for a burger. The word was that there was food at the hostel. Nope…just hyperactive people.

Silver and No Name at Top of Georgia Hostel.

We made it back on the trail with 9 miles to go to camp. Wicked miles… wicked tired…wicked cold, Silver came upon multiple bears as he was hiking so our food is hung high tonight.

From Buzzard Knob

Not much to write and no signal to send it so no story in the morning.

The North Carolina State Line!!!!!

One thought on “03-14-2018. Day 8. Deep Gap to Bly Gap, North Carolina. 12.4 miles (78.0 + 8.8 = 86.8 miles)

  1. Great photo, Buzzard Knob but ugly name. Will be singing Georgia “I said Georgia, oh Georgia, no peace I find (no peace I find)
    Just an old sweet song
    Keeps Georgia on my mind” Have to find a NC song! Hike on!


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