03-26-2018. Day 20. 0 day in Gatlinburg. (207.3 + 8.8 = 216.1)

When the Feet Run Out of Gas. The escape to Gatlinburg was necessary. Gear was soaked, food soggy, feet sore, and minds were ready for a break from the peak to peak trek.

Sunshine, No Name, Silver and Bear Bait.

Laundry done, bellies filled and messages returned we crashed for the night Along with many of the others from the trail.

Sunshine, Defib, and Bear Bait

This morning Sunshine, Bear Bait, Mongrel, and Kylo got back on the trail leaving our original three here to cool our jets.

No Name confronts the NOC Bear!

Eight hours from now we too will be back on the trail with the immediate goal of Davenport Gap and secondary goal of Hot Springs. A short shuttle to Newfound Gap and it will be time to….. Hike On.

One thought on “03-26-2018. Day 20. 0 day in Gatlinburg. (207.3 + 8.8 = 216.1)

  1. “Direction is more important than speed” unknown. Looks like you all are still going the “right” way! Trust and enjoy the journey! Hike on!


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