04-14-2018. Day 39. Campsite South of U.S. 321 to Boots Off Hostel. 0.4 miles (428.1 + 8.8 = 436.9 miles)

Boots Off Hostel: Hampton, Virginia

The next morning I managed to hobble over to Huck and Ray’s tent. I told them I had decided to bail for rehab. They had decided to hike the rest of the 21 miles in order to avoid the upcoming storm. The report of rain/snow kept moving to an earlier time. In a few moments they were gone. I finished packing and began to work my way back to the trail. The effort was intense. Just before I got to the road I came upon Old Man. He was about slack pack the section I was finishing backwards.

I walked up to Boots Off. They had a bunk available. At least I had a place to stay. A borrowed phone later I found Ron Aubert. Hours later he arrived and we drove to Johnson City. I soon had a new phone and was back in touch with the world.

Now I was ready to concentrate on rehab. So that is where I am. An attempt to heal and get back on the trail.

Common Area: Boots Off Hostel

Ron to the Rescue

Shower Facility: Boots Off Hostel

4 thoughts on “04-14-2018. Day 39. Campsite South of U.S. 321 to Boots Off Hostel. 0.4 miles (428.1 + 8.8 = 436.9 miles)

  1. Well just rest up and see how you feel. If and when you do resume, maybe do shorter days , slower , not so much pounding and see how it goes . There are some things we can control and some things we can’t and if we press too hard , our bodies let us know loud and clear

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  2. Every day I have read your happenings I am amazed by your endurance and spirit my friend. Life is an exciting adventure that really we do not have control over it. “Be still……” and listen. Lynne

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