04-21-2018. Day 46. Rehab Zero # 7. Boots-Off Hostel, Hampton, Tennessee.

It’s Time to Make a Decision

My hiking poles are hanging back up at Boots-Off Hostel. They are awaiting my final decision tomorrow morning. All I can tell them is that they need to be patient. Tomorrow will be the end of the 24 hour period without anti-inflammatory meds. That will be my gauge.

The return to the trail Hostel is bittersweet. I know none of the hikers. Luckily the two in the bunkhouse with me are great. Navster and Wiley are both from Atlanta and began hiking March 17 a full 10 days after me. We immediately hit it off with easy conversation and plenty of humor.

The Joy of Cramming Food in a Pack

The three of us caught the shuttle into Hampton for the Subway feast followed be the General Dollar extravaganza. Supper was spent with a hiker who had greatly indulged in the spirits of the evening so we retreated to the bunkhouse where they have absorbed themselves in packing food . I feel that tomorrow will be once again on the trail. Deliberate…cautious…..aware of potential pitfalls.

My attitude is different than on March 7th. I know the ropes now. I know what to expect. It will not be easier. It just won’t be a surprise. I’ll still get wet. I’ll still get cold. I’ll still wonder why I’m out here. But I’ll be a more intelligent dumb. I’ll no longer be able to claim ignorance when it gets bad. I’ll have to tell myself, “You knew this was going to happen but you just went ahead and did it anyway! You’ve got no one to blame but yourself.”

I don’t mind blaming myself. After all who else is there to blame? If I was home I’d blame one of the stupid cats but they are blamelessly laying around the house. I’m sure none of them have noticed that I’ve been gone since October. As long as Fred Marcinak and his wife Dorcas are feeding them they could care less. Thank goodness for wonderful neighbors.

So tomorrow may be it. A return to movement in an endless forest. Once again lost in my thoughts and babbling about it.

Once again it may be time to ‘hike on’.

8 thoughts on “04-21-2018. Day 46. Rehab Zero # 7. Boots-Off Hostel, Hampton, Tennessee.

  1. My brother and I had to get off trail for 8 days due to the Flu. We never thought we would see any of the hikers we started with again. We were amazed at, over the course of time, how many of those hikers we saw again. Good Luck!!

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  2. Blessings DeFib. Praying you can get back out there. Must be hard though with the friends you’ve made out of reach for the moment. Perhaps God has new friendships He needs you to foster. Sharral and Tom

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  3. Hike On! I’ve been following your blog and appreciate your perspective and story telling. Wishing you the best!

    Father of an AT hiker (Spoons)

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