06-06-2018. Day 92. 12.7 miles. Double Gap to Damascus. (470.1 + 8.8 = 478.9 Miles)

Our Humble Abodes For the Night

I cant speak for Danish but for me sleep came quickly. The night air was comfortably cool which was perfect for sleeping. On this day I hoped to fix the broken record I now knew as Damascus. . I took this picture just before breaking camp. The yellow bag is my waterproof food bag that I had just retrieved from a tree. Danish had not aroused yet but it would not be long before she too would be up and moving. I felt good considering everything. No back or leg pain was present so I was more than pleased.

Danish About to Begin Her 84th Day

Danish has already conquered the 500 km Camino in Spain so she decided to up her game and come to the U.S. and give the AT a shot. She also writes a blog and is now online with us following this journey. It didn’t take long to bond with her. Conversation was easy and we were soon interchanging ideas and thoughts. She is amazed how much news outlets report just bad news all of the time here in the U.S. much of it insignificant. Luckily the trail has shown her that not all Americans are killing one another.

The Shelter that Was But is No More.

Danish stayed behind to cook breakfast as I had already eaten cereal and a dirt bar. The legs felt good although stiff as I moved out for my first full day back on the trail. Along the way I came upon this abandoned shelter along with plenty of warnings to not use it. The roof appeared to be intact so I bet more that one hiker has used it when caught in a sudden downpour.

The Appalachian Trail is Now Green

There is no doubt that I am now aware of every step that I take. That includes these easy pathways that have taken the place of the challenge trails of miles gone past.

Abingdon Gap Shelter: Home of Recent Bear and Chipmunk Sightings

Here I sat awaiting a bear sighting to show everyone. Sadly I failed but did manage to down a Pop Tart.

It’s Been a Long Time Coming But It Was Still Here Waiting For Me.

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