07-12-2018. Day 128. 13.9 miles. Rainbow Stream Shelter to Nahmakanta Stream Shelter. (703.5 + 44.0 = 747.5 + 8.8 = 756.3 miles)

This is Now About Mud

Ok so I’m not always coordinated. In this case I thought I was stepping on a rock that wasn’t really there. The boots dry easily here so things were not so bad. I just have to remember to stay away from my sleeping bag when I have them on.

Rainbow Stream is Now Behind Us

After camping along Rainbow Stream for the night it was time to move onto our next goal Nahmakanta Stream campsite. This is Rainbow Stream where the seven of us became very close. We also met a father – son team here who would make a difference in our hike.

This is Brook Trout

As I was hiking down Rainbow Stream I came upon Brook Trout as I was crossing the Stream on a U.S. Forest Service Road. I would describe him an interesting soul and I never was quite sure if his purpose was to fish, hike or just make friends I would see him again before this trip was done.

Crescent Pond

Miles passed as I hoped to get over the 15 mile mark for the day. This pond would provide several natural beaches that the group would end up spending some down time on making the hiking day tolerable.

Allison and Alex DiVerde of Texas

Our married part of our team. A wonderfully partnered marriage. Their hiking pace seems to match……. or maybe they are so in tune they make sure they match.

Fallon Yung of New York City

A joy to be around! She studied the Classics at Columbia University in New York and is a ballerina. A giving person who would do anything to help anyone.

Zachary Cooper of Georgia

You won’t find a more sincere and caring man around. A man of faith he has dedicated his hike to his young cousin who is fighting cancer. He has called his hike ‘A Hike 4 Hope’ and his site can be found at http://www.ahike4hope.com

Amie Spring

Our beautiful English lass here is in the states on a Visa to do the trail. All of 4′ 11 1/2 inches tall she tells us that the 1/2 is very important! She’s proven herself to be more than capable out here. Her pack is as big as she is yet she keeping moving on.

Her Feet on the other hand are Taking a Beating

Here They Re All In One Pile

Jed and I not pictured

The Senior Citizen of the Group

Mexican Mainer

The Upper Reaches of Crescent Pond

Fallon and Amie; Jed

With Mud you Get More Mud ….

And plenty of practice walking balance beams. The prize for falling off? Well mud, of course!

Busy as a Beaver

By six PM we were closer to camp and camp upon this beaver paddling around the river

Our Nightly Task

Each night as we reach camp we must gather water for cooking and drinking. Here Jed completes the tasks in the Nahmakanta Stream. Food is cooked….tents prepared… and lights our comes early. The next day always comes soon when you are hiking on.

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