07-13-2018. Day 129. 15.6 miles. Nahmakanta Stream Shelter to Cooper Brooks Falls Shelter. (703.5 + 59.6 = 763.1 + 8.8 = 771.9 Miles)

Kieran Cottrell: Eagle

The night in the shelter with Jed found us sharing the space with Eagle. The others camped about 2/10 of a mile before the shelter. Outside there was a young girl with a dog who stated that everyone remembered her dogs name but not hers. She had changed her name three times and didn’t know why no one remembers it. It was some very forgettable Indian name that I couldn’t pronounce.

Also outside was Crocs and his son Mouth. Eagle was telling us that one night while he was sleeping in his tent he was awoken by a strange sound. He realized too late as he saw his food bag disappear out through a new hole in his tent. He ran outside in time to see a raccoon hightailing it through the woods with his food. He chased it down and brought it back to his tent. He covered the hole with his backpack but in moments once again saw a little pair of raccoon hands reaching in for a repeat performance. He gave the side of his tent a kick and the potential thief scurried off into the night.

A Look Back Toward Katahdin

At one point we found a spot on the lake where we could see back Toward Katahdin.

A well Built Bridge

For some reason I took a series of pictures of most everyone crossing this bridge.

Honey Bear Appears!!!

As I was about to cross another creek I ran into a group of five. In the middle of the group was Honey Bear whom I had hiked with back in March. She had moved on with No Name and they had hiked together for 700 miles.

Ever Night Water

Water is an absolute Our here. The recommendation is that you drink at 500 cc at breakfast, lunch and dinner and then often in between. Tbat means frequent stops at most creeks.

Finally Cooper Brook Falls Shelter

The space was restricted here but we managed to squeeze in for the night. By did time Crocs had asked us to take his son Mouth with us which we did. We’d be hiking on with one mores

5 thoughts on “07-13-2018. Day 129. 15.6 miles. Nahmakanta Stream Shelter to Cooper Brooks Falls Shelter. (703.5 + 59.6 = 763.1 + 8.8 = 771.9 Miles)

      1. As an unbiased observer, I am amazed at how attractive and energetic all the female hikers you photograph are while Jed always looks like he just found out his dog died. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to get a photograph of Jed smiling.

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