07-15-2018. Day 131. 12.8 miles. Logan Brook Shelter to West Branch Pleasant River Camp Spot. (703.5 + 84.2 = 787.7 + 8.8 = 796.5 Miles)

There is a Mouse in My House

I settled in for the night at Logan Brook Shelter. After the drama of the missing food it was very easy to fall asleep. About 3A.M. I felt something scurrying about my legs. All of the zippers on my tent were closed and I quickly prayed some critter had not chewed his way into my tent. When the movement continued I finally found my headlamp and turned it on. There on my sleeping bag between my legs was a fat little mouse. We spoke for awhile but in the end I decided that the tent wasn’t big enough for both of us so I ushered him out with the use of my phone. The last time I saw him he appeared to be a line drive to left field. He had chewed nothing….. evidently he had come in before I zipped up for the night.

Morning Preparations

This is Logan Brook Shelter the next morning as we were preparing to hike. From Left to right: Zak, Fallon, Mouth and Amie. Zak’s knee was bothering him quite a bit so Mouth was loaning him his knee brace. In the meantime Amie was checking to see if her shirt had dried overnight.

Mousetrap of Lithuania

Mousetrap arrived as we were packing. He wanted to know if we had seen his fellow countryman Pappy. I had met Pappy twice in the South. He is now 87 years old and is trying to become the oldest thru hiker ever. The last I heard he had flipped to Katahdin.

Knee brace now in Place

Zak found immediate comfort with the use of Mouth’s brace. It would go on to provide much added relief in the days to come. That’s Alex to Zak’s right.

Stoneworkers on Volunteer Duty

These trails would not survive without the unbelievable work done by volunteers. In this case we met a stone crew responsible for building steps in impassable areas. Using comealongs and pry bars they work huge rocks into place to create stairways.

Climbing the Side of White Cap Mountain

The day was full of climbing as we hiked over White Cap Mountain, Hay Mountain and Gulf Hagas Mountain.

White Cap Because of Rock

Usually balds are grass or rock and this was no different this time. Well there was one difference….. when I reached the summit it began to sleet on me. Sleet in late July. How rude.

Off in the distance the views were intense

The cloud cover below us was fascinating.

The View Going Down

We didn’t have a chance to look up much but when I did the views were always breathtaking. The colors and tones were out of this world. For a moment you could almost forget that tripping here could break your neck.

Crossing the West Branch of Pleasant River

Finally Mouth and I caught up with Fallon and Zak as they were changing into their wet weather shoes. This was a wide crossing ford over our boots. Cold and refreshing it actually made our feet feel quite good after a 12.8 mile day.

Zak Crossing the West Branch of Pleasant River

Helen of Troy Crossing the West Branch of Pleasant River

Mouth Crossing the West Branch of the Pleasant River

Our campsite was on the other side of the river. A long night’s sleep was necessary: the next day we would be hiking across at least peaks.

Hiking on would be more difficult tomorrow.

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