07-18-2018 Day 134. 10.4 mile. Wilson Valley Shelter to Monson, Maine. (703.5 + 114.5 = 818.0 + 8.8 = 826.8 Miles)

We were on Our Way to Civilization!

There was no surer sign of civilization ahead then a railroad crossing. The end of the 100 mile wilderness was in reach! We were all ready for it and the thought of a bed and human food drove us on.

But First: The Need To Ford Big Wilson Stream

There was no doubt about it……. the rivers ahead of us in the Whites would be much more challenging than what we were dealing with…. but in the meantime these would provide a good introduction.

Fallon Works Her Way Across

What we were doing was not all that difficult. What is happening now is the selection process of where to place our feet and judge the current. These smaller crossings will pay dividends later on with the more difficult crossings.

History of the Local Past

The site of A Bessey Lumber Camp. 1949-1950. Wait! That’s not history….. I was alive then!

Progress Within Us

I felt the mileage slowly melting away. This certainly was not a major milestone but it would be the completion of the 100 mile wilderness. That, in itself, was an accomplishment. I found myself looking at every scene just a little bit longer, taking in more detail, appreciating each and every spot along the trail. I would never walk this trail again. I needed to remember.

Bear Pond Ledge

The book warned about walking these ledges but we found them to be some of the easier of the hike. Besides…… these ledges brought a bonus. As we hiked with Zak in the lead I suddenly heard Helen of Troy call out, “Zach! I can’t believe that you walked right by these! It’s blubs!” Huh????? Blubs?

Blubs Galore

I was at a loss. What am I walking by? Fallon dove into the shrubbery. Has this woman lost her mind? Was this a Jack Nicholson moment?

Then I saw. The fog lifted. I was brought back into the 21st century. She was attacking a blueberry patch! Why didn’t she say that? I remember those days when we would go to to top of the hill with our buckets and fill them with blueberries. I remember that the bucket would seldom make it back to my mother intact. The norm was inhaling them before getting home. But Blubs? I don’t remember that. In a moment I grew to like it. Short…… concise…… no wasted effort or energy…. conservation of syllables. There was no downside…. thanks to Fallon blueberries were now Blubs.

Bear Pond

Beyond the Blubs we could see below Bear Pond. I was high enough now and close enough to Monson that I could receive a text…… Mouth was successfully on a bus. Jed was on his way. He was a full day behind but he was going to join us in Monson.

The AT Along Bear Pond

The only problem with reaching a pond is the fact that it just about guarantees a section of extra muddy root and rock strewn trail. 🎼Slip Sliding Away🎼.

Little Wilson Stream

With six you get egg roll.

Little Wilson Falls

Sooner or later you know if you are following a stream and are hiking up you are going to come upon a waterfall. This was no different today as we first heard the sound and then viewed Little Wilson Falls tumbling down the gorge. A quick picture at its base and then a climb to the top allowed us to take in the power of its flow.

I Love Watching Water Fall

I don’t know what it is about waterfalls but I can watch water falling over them for hours. I’ll actually watch one particular spot to see the exact same pattern repeat itself over and over.

How Few Have Seen This

In comparison with the world population it often comes to mind what a small percentage of the world has seen this very spot on earth. The three of us take it in.

In Search of Waterfalls

I really have been blessed with the exploration of waterfalls all over the world. So much so that I cannot even recall the names or locations of most of them. It is easy to bring to mind the overwhelming power of a Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Africa with its unrestricted access or the soaking wet visits to Niagra Falls but on this day I had the honor of viewing Little Wilson Stream with two very special friends: Fallon Yung and Zachary Cooper. This day will be remembered.

NOBO Ember

While at the Falls we were joined by Ember who said that he knew No Name. “No Name found my solar battery pack. If you see him ask him to go ahead and get rid of it. I won’t be needing it anymore”

The AT Trail: Construction by Beavers

At Mud Pond we discovered that the trail had been diverted by beavers. By this time you don’t care. You are ready to be out of the 100 mile wilderness. We were fully mentally extended. Each mile felt like 100. It was way past time to see civilization.

Here it is! The End of 1/22nd of the Trail

The last few miles felt as though there was a carrot on a string dangled in front of me enticing me to continue moving my legs. Or perhaps it was something else providing the incentive to keep on ‘keeping on’.

Our Team

Jed was somewhere behind us and hopefully catch up. Amie, Alex, and Allison were already cooling their jets at Shaw’s Hostel in Monson. We would soon be reunited with Jed hopefully soon to follow. The bond between us was complete. And ………… we were full of blueberries!

Ridge runner Ed Beard

Periodically ridge runner volunteers hike the trail both scouting for injured hikers and needs of the trail such as repairs. While we waited for our shuttle we talked with Ed about what was ahead and behind. A visit at the Monson trail visitors center was in order so that our SOBO companions could officially register and get their AT tags.

And Then a Semblance of Normal Life Began

Ordering food from the single local grocery.

Zak and Allison Actually Sitting Real Chairs

Fallon’s Craving For Milk Satisfied

A View of Tranquility as we Ate

For Me? Baked Scallops as well as New England Clam Chowder and Scallops wrapped in Bacon and Buried in a Sea of Maple Syrup

And For Zak and Fallon…….. Here it was….. Lobsta Rolls. Life is Good….. And then We Will Hike On.

The Bunkhouse at Shaw’s

We were lucky. All of us filled one bunkhouse so we were together for the night. Clothes were washed. Stomachs were filled. The next day’s plans were being made… There were smiles all around.

6 thoughts on “07-18-2018 Day 134. 10.4 mile. Wilson Valley Shelter to Monson, Maine. (703.5 + 114.5 = 818.0 + 8.8 = 826.8 Miles)

  1. Congratulations on climbing Mt. Katahdin and completing the 100 mile wilderness, two very daunting challenges on the AT!! Very impressive. The name that came to mind for this stretch if I was considering hiking it was “No Country For Old Men”. But you youngsters did it! Bravo.

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