07-19-2018. Day 135. 0 Miles. Shaw’s Hostel, Monson, Maine. (826.8 Miles)d

Blueberry (Blubs) Pancakes Cairn

The morning of our Zero brought a hostel prepared breakfast. It was huge and greatly appreciated. Two eggs however you liked them, bacon, home fries, all the blueberry pancakes you could eat, water, coffee and orange juice. It came as part of your $25 hostel charge for bed and shower. Plus you were met at the door with your choice of a soft drink or beer when you got there. Laundry was $5. With breakfast in me I was as good as new. I did my laundry and attempted to catch up on the blog…… internet signal was nil.

We sent the day chilling and eating. I was down to 174 pounds. Eating was not difficult and I quickly downed a pint of ice cream, a few bananas and a chicken salad sandwich for lunch.

The hope was that Jed would make it in after helping the young man.

Birthday Girl

In the meantime we had discovered that it was Helen of Troys 22nd birthday. By now we had a day of rest under our belts. Jed had arrived late in the afternoon so we were once again all back together Barbecue was the order of the evening so with all of us smelling rather better and all of us rather rested we moseyed over to the BBQ joint and took over their biggest table. The restaurant owner was beyond thrilled.

From Left to Right: Jed, Allison, Alex, Birthday Fallon, Nurse Zack, Jak, Little Redcoat.

Not ever having been around Maine BBQ before I was not Quite sure what to expect but I must say that it was more than good and we finished it off with a giant fudge brownie ice cream. Not an ounce of it showed on us. As a matter of fact as I type this my pants are literally falling off of me.

The Monson Barbecue Joint

Shaw’s Hostel in Monson, Maine

Home for two nights. Discussions for the next day in the bunkhouse revealed the Alex and Allison were going to move on the next day. They seemed to in a bit more of a hurry. Amie was in the same boat. Her Visa is for six months so she has a time limit.

Zak, Helen of Troy and Zack Nurse decided to hang back another day. …… two of them because of injuries. As for me I opted to stay in order to hike with Jed. After what he did for Mouth it would be hard to leave him. He needed a Zero. Helen of Troy and Jak agreed.

Beginning the next day we would lose Alex, Allison and Amie and gain Zack Nurse and have Jed back. Sadness there but it is the nature of this trail.

As it had in the South the tramily took on a different face almost every day. It would be no different heading this way. We just needed to hike on.

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