07-20-2018. Day 136. 0 miles. Monson, Maine (826.8 Miles)

Parting From Newfound Friends (Including Dog)

The day was bittersweet right from the get-go. A decision had been made. Jed had arrived late the previous day because of helping an injured hiker. He was in need of a Zero. Zak still had a need to rest his injured knee and Fallon was badly in need of resting her now swollen blistered feet. We opted to take another Zero in order to hike out with Jed.

That meant losing at least temporarily Alex, Allison, and Little Redcoat (Amie). No one really wanted that to happen but…..they needed to hike on. It was difficult watching them pull out of the yard in the shuttle. Allison (left), Little Redcoat (center), Alex (right), Indigo (loafing)

Shaw Hostel

I spent the day attempting to upload data for this blog. For the most part that was a bust. The signal in town was minimal and I spent hours trying over and over again. My hopes of catching up on the blog disappeared. I made myself feel better about it by eating a lot of German potato salad found in a store in the downtown section of Monson. That was one block away. Even the library was a no win situation. I would be leaving Monson 11 days behind in posting.

A Goodbye to Indigo

Even our departure from the hostel dog Indigo would be traumatic. I was more than ready to be moving and yet I wasn’t. It was one of those wavering moments where I wasn’t totally sure that I want to be out here. I know that will pass.

The Return of Goldie

Late in the afternoon in walked Goldie. I had not seen him since way back at Lick Skillet Hostel in Virginia. We had been the only inhabitants of the old Presbyterian Church that night. It appeared that he had lost a lot more weight and his face reflected a smile which I’m sure revolves around the completion of the 100 mile wilderness and Katahdin. When asked he said that he had lost 10 more pounds in the 100 mile wilderness.

Evening Meal At Lakeshore Pub

It was once again time for scallops and lobster roll. Helen of Troy, Jed, Zak, Nurse Zack, Crux, and Creeks all joined for dinner. Laughter abounded although I was feeling a bit under the weather . Perhaps I will feel better tomorrow because it’s time to hike on.

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