07-24-2018. Day 140. Hospital. Redington-Fairview Hospital, Skowhegan, Maine. (703.5 + 140.1 = 843.6 + 8.8 = 852.4 Miles)

For the Record: I Don’t Necessarily Agree With Posting Pictures Of Hospitalized Folks……. but

This is a part of the story.

As I said yesterday the caregivers in this facility were wonderful and soon became friends. Most of them had not encountered an Appalachian Trail hiker before so they were full of questions.

Med students, nurses, attendings, pharmacy, and all support personnel came to the room to both help with my case and learn about the trail. I soon knew all about Skowhegan and much of the family history of the area. My every need was cared for.

Testing continued and it paralleled treatment that I received in Oconee the year before.

By the end of the day my diagnosis of vestibular neuritis seemed to be locked in especially with the fact that I was dizzy no matter which way I turned. My medication was set. It was viral and I would need to be patient and let the symptoms pass.

I settled in to being bed bound. The fact that I could not walk yet without hitting the deck bought me a second night in the hospital. There was nothing that I could do about it so I might as well be happy about it.

Tony, the floor supervisor, learned that I was a veteran. Within moments I had an American flag taped to my bed. There was not an unfriendly face among them.

If there was a way to find a means to get back on the trail these were the people that I needed to be with. It would be soon enough that I would be able to ‘hike on’.

2 thoughts on “07-24-2018. Day 140. Hospital. Redington-Fairview Hospital, Skowhegan, Maine. (703.5 + 140.1 = 843.6 + 8.8 = 852.4 Miles)

  1. I knew it. I told you it was time to come home over and over. Sound like your mother for sure. I had a feeling. I was afraid you were going to fall and get hurt bad. At least you are in the hospital and I pray nothing’s broke that can’t be fixed. Love ya dude. Be safe. Come home.

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