07-26-2018. Day 142. 0 miles. Kyes Motel To Breezy Acres Motel, Skowhegan, Maine (703.5 + 140.1 = 843.6 + 8.8 = 852.4 Miles)

The Kyes Motel

I was actually pleased with the Kyes Motel. It obviously had a few aspects of it that I could have done without but, in the end, we decided to move to the other end of town to a recommended motel.

In the meantime Jed had discovered that they served a quality breakfast at a convenience store just 1/4 mile down the highway. I stumbled down there with him. Bobbling from side to side on the uneven sidewalk was my fate of the day. As we entered the dining area the several Mainers looked at me as I bounced off of the tables. Surely I must be some indigent alcoholic who had lost his way.

They immediately became friends. Laughter once again was the norm. One of the women, Betty, was the State House Representative. She told us of the areas history and explained that Skowhegan was an Indian name meaning a place to watch. It evidently was an area where they could watch the waters ebb and therefore know when to fish.

Luanne and Best Friend Larry

Luanne was the proprietor and she ran a user friendly establishment. The group there were regulars and it left us comfortable as they asked about our hiking and backgrounds.

That afternoon we called a different taxi company for a ride to Breezy Acres Motel. This time a positive man with positive input. A pleasant ride later we were at our new home. The moment we arrived we knew that we were home.

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