07-28-2018. Day 144. 0 Day. Breezy Acres Motel. Skowhegan, Maine. (703.5 + 140.1 = 843.6 + 8.8 = 852.4 Miles)r

Janine of Alice’s Restaurant

By Saturday the 28th I was in total rehab mode. Eye and movement coordination exercises were the order of the day. I found that I was just as messed up on my left as I was on the right. I sat in the grass behind the motel and followed a pen with my eyes until my eye muscles told me that they’d had enough.

Nothing seemed to be making any progress by this time. The perceived improvements of the last few days seemed to be doing the backstroke into the recent past. I could stand one moment and be fine and then the next time be eating a doorknob of the nearest door on my my down.

I fought for patience and the strength to avoid anger. The weather has now been perfect and those days are flying by.

New England Meatloaf Dinner (Almost worth having vertigo for)

For lunch we went to Alice’s Restaurant…. a wonderful place where everyone in there was celebrating life in general. Janine, in particular, was celebrating her birthday as she was working. Decked out with a pink Happy Birthday head piece she made our day with an upbeat attitude and disposition. After the meal we helped her eat birthday cake. When the meal was over she informed us that our meal was on the house. Good grief it was her birthday. I paid it forward.

I left feeling glad that interactions with everyone could still be possible when living in a washing machine.

The Red Sox played that night and their victory was positive but did nothing to correct my continued vertigo. I was reaching the estimated outside limits of the viral malady. Although just a guideline it was one that I needed to be accurate.

I went to bed with the hopes that the next day’s first steps would be in a straight line.

2 thoughts on “07-28-2018. Day 144. 0 Day. Breezy Acres Motel. Skowhegan, Maine. (703.5 + 140.1 = 843.6 + 8.8 = 852.4 Miles)r

  1. Jeff and i just flew in from boston we were there for a wedding. Beautiful country, rockport, manchester by the sea and glouster were awesome. Will go back. More New England states in the future. Safe travels

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