08-03-2018. Day 150. 0 miles. Breezy Acres Motel, Skowhegan, Maine. (703.5 + 140.1 = 843.6 + 8.8 = 852.4 Miles)

Be in Maine: Eat a Lobsta

Skowhegan is celebrating its River Fest which, for the most part, appears to be a bust but the Rotary Club did pull off its Lobster Dinner sales. I’m not a big (or little) fish fan although I do tolerate shellfish so Jedmorgensen and I joined Denny and Nancy by buying a meal and then picnicking under their shelter.

I Enjoyed It If I Avoided Looking At It

Buster was pretty much apprehensive about all of this after he witnessed me rip this fellow’s arm off and suck down the meat inside. After all he is also an appendage and I’m sure that there is some innate kindred spirit between them. I purposely covered him with my Crocs and slid him under the table in order to spare him further agony as I tore the remainder of the lobster to pieces.

I Did Manage To Eat Lobsta Verticality

As for the trail killing malady……. I would officially now declare it to be no longer vertigo but rather a lack of balance. I would not do well on a balance beam but looking at the entire picture I’d say ……… better.

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