08-06-2018. Day 153. 0 miles. Breezy Acres Motel. (703.5 + 140.1 = 843.6 + 8.8 = 852.4 Miles)

Return to Extrication Point

Monday arrived and along with it a planned action day. The hope was that I would be ready to hike. But…….. when I awoke that sensation was still there. The same old imbalance left me walking sideways.

Jed was ready having packed his backpack the night before. Dennis Willette had let us know that by 9 A.M. he would be done with his motel responsibility’s and able to shuttle Jed the 50 miles to the trailhead where I had been extricated from.

I decided to go along for the ride. Within a few miles I had to lay down on the back seat because of dizziness. I listened to Jed and Denny talk as we rode. An hour and a half later we arrived after a very bumpy wilderness drive over gravel roads. It was time for Jed to hike.

Jedmorgensen and Denny Willette Just Before Jed’s Return to the AT

There wasn’t much to say….. it had all been said. We agreed that I would attempt to catch him. One way or another we would see one another again. Within a moment he had his pack on and was hiking SOBO as we drove off.

West Forks, Maine

An hour and a half later we were back at the motel. I began my motel hiking that day. Jed was back on the trail and I was at a motel……. hiking in circles around the buildings. But…….. soon……. I will…… be hiking on…… SOBO.

4 thoughts on “08-06-2018. Day 153. 0 miles. Breezy Acres Motel. (703.5 + 140.1 = 843.6 + 8.8 = 852.4 Miles)

  1. Sure sorry for your delay. Of all the things I can think of that would knock you off the trail, vertigo would be waaaay down the list. Here’s to a complete recovery. Being wobbly is definitely not a plus when tackling multiple mountain ranges.

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  2. Sorry to hear this Wayne ! Have you seen a Dr. and been checked for a middle ear infection or fluid accumulation . I once had what they called a vertigo virus but can’t remember how long it lasted . You sure are being plagued with annoying little problems! Have you ticked anyone off lately? They may be sticking pins into their Wayne voodoo doll . Have you tried a round of antibiotics just in case or using decongestants . Congestion can make your head feel funny, like a big balloon Maybe try Nasocort , and an antihistamine for a few days .See if that works. I have a feeling this is all related to some sort of allergy , exposure to pollen or something they have up there that is getting to you. Maybe you are allergic to Maine !

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