07 July 2019: When Your Legs Have Been Kicked Out From Under You

Legs Kicked Out From Under

Have you ever had your legs kicked out from under you?  It doesn’t take much and it can happen in a flash!  One minute your bragging on how great you feel and the next you’re being carried out of the forest in a stokes basket.  It’s now been almost a year since my “event” on 22 July of last year.  I’m now deeply into rehab. That involves slow hikes to increase my stamina and a whole lot of moving my head back and forth and up and down. It’s not exactly “Do Diddily Do” but…….I’m getting better.  On one of my first hikes Jan was following me and noticed this tree that I was practically standing under.  My eyes had been 100% on the ground….I never noticed it.  But here it was…..a represention of what had happened to me.  My foundation cut out from under me.

Water Abounds

I needed to get back to this….clean air….forest trails….weight on my back….knats in my eyes….the taste of a good bug dive bombing down my throat.  It doesn’t get any better than that. 

Jan Haney Ready to Hike

I’ve got to admit that it’s been a frustrating year.  Luckily Jan Haney has put up with the difficulty of all of it.  She’s a hiker so this has also affected her as I’ve been retraining myself to have the ability to walk across a room without destroying all of the furniture.

Larry Ray…the hiking fanatic

Others like Larry Ray have all played a part in dragging me along toward some sort of normalcy.  Always ready with a good story and a bit of sarcasm he has provided the light moments needed to take the next staggering step.

As Long As Snakes are Not Invited

So I’m now tentitively back with my favorite critters…sitting on ant hills…swatting knats…and wringing out socks.  Life is good.

Defib Cooling his Jets

I’m by no means 100%.  But……that day is coming.  Besides I’m tired of being still.

Jan and Larry Enjoying some of Larry’s Banter

There are trails to conquer and mileage to log.  My boots need to be worn thin and the seat of my pants needs to be torn the rest of the way out.  These are earth shaking needs…..  For those of you who have had your feet knocked out from under you I know that you understand…..  Small victories are enormous.  Tying your shoe after having a cast on your foot for months is monumental. At one point completing the hike of the 100 mile wilderness was huge…now walking across a room is just as significant.  

Troy Summerel Taking in the Power of the Chattooga

Places like the Chattooga with all of its power are waiting for us to return.  Troy hiked down a vertical slope to feel that power.  I need to do the same.


I’ve been patient…..to a point.  It’s time to “Hike On”.

13 thoughts on “07 July 2019: When Your Legs Have Been Kicked Out From Under You

  1. I am so proud of you. I am like you and had my foundation jerked out from under me. In 2005 I was diagnosed with MS. I am in better shape now than I was two years ago. You are an inspiration to me my friend. I still love to hike and would love to join you on some of your shorter day hikes. I may not be able to keep up with you but I won’t know until I try. Think about it.


  2. I would never have even imagined that you would be laid up for so long. Is this typical of vertigo and is it permanent? I have a lot of admiration for your work to get back on the trails…one foot in front of the other and 1 step at a time. Good luck.


    1. I have conversed with many folks who are dealing with this and the fact is that the symptoms are all over the map. Most get it intermittently but others seem to have it for days and then it disappears. In my case it has been constant for the year. I measure improvement in the tiniest of increments. I am hiking again and walking around at night so I consider it a blessing.


  3. Congratulation on restarting your trek to conquer the AT. You will get back to the physical level you need to be at. We are all rooting for you. Al


    1. Great to hear from you Al!!!! Thanks for the support. Now if they could only get your elevator fixed.! You must have a lot of folks there training for the AT hiking up and down those stairs.


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