22 March 2021. Day 2. Pig Farm Camp site to Daleville, Virginia. 15.5 miles + 10.2 miles = 25.7 miles. It’s Never Too Late to Git Goin. Just ask Grambo!!

The first day’s hike ended up with a supper of half a Mountain House package of beef stroganoff, a cup of water with Orange Crush powder and two strawberry Twizzlers for dessert.

Never had there been a better supper. The night was more than cold and to make matters worse I had made a rookie mistake setting up my tent. I always select slightly sloped ground because I like the feeling of my head being elevated while asleep. This time I picked too much slope. The result was that I slid to the back of the tent with my feet touching the tent. That’s a no no. My feet were more than cold! It won’t happen again.

Breakfast was a package of granola with blueberries that I bought at Twenty Eight West in Walhalla. It was actually quite good. By the time I got going it was 9:20

You could tell that I was still near the tourist trail to McAfee Knob. It produced my oxymoron picture of the day. Someone being healthy climbing to McAfee while enjoying their pack of cigarettes. Oh…. and the Littering with the pack.

It didn’t take long though to find positive on the trail. About two miles in I came around a rock cliff and startled this woman who was about to climb a rock outcropping. She was from Blue Ridge , Georgia and was solo hiking the AT NOBO! She had dedicated the next six months to the trail and her trail name is Grambo! She was about to celebrate her birthday on Thursday. She will be 77!!

For those of you who have asked me if women can do this trail alone here is your answer…..age didn’t bother her a bit. We exchanged numbers… As I hiked on she mentioned that more than likely we would not see one another again. Her friends were changing her trail name to slowbo. She didn’t care…. she was just happy to be out there. A class act she was!

Along the way were sightings of Appalachia. Still tucked away in these mountains.

The hiking was rocky and brutal on the legs. Within in a few hours of climbing across rocks the straps which wrap under your boots to hold your boot gaithers on were broken. The REI product didn’t last two days.

Four and a half miles in I made it to Tinker Cliffs. You may have seen the video that I posted there. It became my lunch spot. I hate it but this chicken salad has begun to taste like tuna to me. Yuck fish.

Tinker Cliffs actually extended quite a long ways. The tall point in the middle of the last picture is McAfee Knob. Soon after this I met a married couple who were hiking together Southbound for 98 miles. They had met a NOBO hiker four days before. There are more of me out here!!

The rocks never let up and my feet began to scream for relief!! As the miles piled up my body began to protest. It had gone from well below freezing to hot. I became sunburned. My gloves, vest, wool shirt, buff, and skullcap were once again stowed away in favor of a single T.

Below on the right was Carvin Reservoir. On the left down in the valley Daleville appeared.

I found myself in a race with the sunset. I needed to resupply. There was a hostel/motel ahead. It was at 15.5 miles. I made it at 7:30 pm as the last bit of light officially became darkness. Batteries charged, a real meal from a Mexican Restaurant across the street and a shower and I was as good as new. Well almost.

Tomorrow I will attempt to resupply before I can hike on!!!

5 thoughts on “22 March 2021. Day 2. Pig Farm Camp site to Daleville, Virginia. 15.5 miles + 10.2 miles = 25.7 miles. It’s Never Too Late to Git Goin. Just ask Grambo!!

  1. hey watch it buddy!! I am 77 and it is hardly old ! It’s the memory that goes first but I “think I recall” doing the AT solo ( Ron refused to go with me ) It took me a couple of months and I discovered I hate dehydrated food so I had to be rescued


  2. Beautiful untouched nature. Not sure if this is exceptable or not but I still look for you on FB. Hike on and be safe, warm and healthy ALWAYS.


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