27 March 2021. Day 7. 2.1 miles + 80.3 miles = 82.4 miles. NERO into Glasgow, Virginia.

Matt’s Creek Shelter Tent Site

The night at Matt’s Creek was comfortable and I awoke at 06:30 ready to pack up and hike the short 2 miles to the James River Trail head and shuttle into Glasgow. I managed to remain quiet enough to avoid waking Scott and Lou. That is the way it is out here. You meet great people and then they become a normally fond memory. Thus the need of a journal.

Matt’s Creek Shelter

I once again rock hopped Matt’s Creek but this time in the light. It’s amazing how much easier it was. There were two local hikers in the shelter and their German Shepard was sleeping outside. I stopped to talk to her once again before moving past the shelter without waking them. I was on the trail at 07:38.

The Longest Foot Hiking Bridge on the Appalachian Trail

This was a sweet sight. Just across this bridge there would be a shuttle driver awaiting me. I was more than ready. I was down to 4 Twizzlers in my food pack. I love those things but they are not much of a meal.

The AT Foot Bridge Across the James River

This walk was one of the greatest. There was beautiful weather, the river, rested body and the promise of a real bed and real food on the other side.

And As An Ironic Footnote….

This foot bridge was named after William Foot. The access to the bridge was obviously the original railroad bed. Foot’s idea was to create the footbridge on the foundation of the old railroad before the new one was built. Cool idea.


I arrived at 08:29. The pickup was scheduled for 09:00. Three one night hikers were just packing up for their trek. Pans and water bottles clung to their packs. Every strap had a piece of clothing attached to it.

At 08:56 the shuttle arrived. A really personable young man was the driver . He identified himself as Aaron but said that he went by Strings. “I’ve been homeless but now I have the best job and place to stay in my life. ” His conversation was more than intelligent and most of all he was just dang personable.

Stanimals Hostel in Glasgow

This was home before I walked in the door. Breakfast was served. Laundry was done free. The shower was unbelievable. I had a lower bunk in a room of six. I was the only one there. Cost $30 per night with breakfast and most importantly free shuttle to and from the trail.

Strings, Ashley and Blinkey

Ashley is from Foxboro, Massachusetts and has been traveling on her own. That’s her van behind her. She and Strings are now a couple. She left just after I arrived to visit her mother in Charlottesville. Great people.

The Sign in Sheet

This is the common sign-in at hostels. As you can tell I’ve already confused my trail name with my given name.

Mr. Freeze

As I was arriving Mr Freeze was leaving. I had heard of him but now I had officially met him. He began his through hike on February 1st. Evidently he has an aversion to cold because he had at one time seven sets of gloves. I can relate!

As you can tell the numbers on the trail are increasing. We are already leapfrogging each other. I’m presently at a bit over 82 miles and ready for more.

Hike on!!!!!

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