1 May 2021. Day 34. 12.2 Miles + 408.5 Miles = 420.7 Miles. Jim Frye Shelter to Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania. Ice Cream in Boiling Springs!!

0733. Babushka from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

One of the three who appeared in the shelter was Babushka from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. His group began back in the middle of February from Springer. He is fond of wearing his buff around his head especially after he found back in the cold days that it actually warmed him. That earned him the trail name Babushka which is an older Russian or Polish woman. I didn’t get to speak much to ID but was glad I didn’t need to get up for a nighttime bathroom break. It turned out that he was sleeping at the foot of my cot and I didn’t know it. The third young man I wasn’t too fond of on the first night. He managed to rally in daylight the next day but on the first night he was graded an “F”. Let’s just say loud, inconsiderate, smoker and bull in china closet would have fit into his resume.

0754. The Rest of Babushka’s Tramily

We were soon gone from Jim Frye and looking forward to a new look in our future as far as trails go. When we got to the creek below the shelter we immediately found Babushka’s Tramily. From left to right Stitch, Boomerang and Pickles. The three of them had opted to sleep in the bathroom at the State Park the night before. Evidently the novelty of doing that wore off early and they moved on before anyone could arrive to make use of the facility for the purpose it was intended.

0955. Holiday

We are not sure who Holiday is hiking with. He is a part of the 30 mile a day group. Way to far out of my class to ask questions. Kinda like a Prius asking a Lamborghini to hang out at a garage together.

1120 A Detour Up and Over White Rocks

Sometimes I think that this trail purposely reroutes up and over the worst terrain when it could easily go around. White Rocks here is a perfect example of that. I guess it was worth it and at the very minimum it was good training for Vert T. Go. Note on two of the pictures above they had actually painted Me (Maine) heading one direction and Ga (Georgia) the other way.

1147 Whiling Away the Hours with Harpo and Harpette.

Diversity comes in different forms out here and we never miss an opportunity to enjoy a break from the monotony of putting one foot in front of the other.

Among the White Rocks Action & Adventure came upon Harpo who entertained us for a moment with a little lullaby on his harmonica.

1151. Gandolph

Another through hiker from Georgia who had begun in February. Obviously he is a Lord of the Rings fan.

1418. Center Point Knob

You probably all know by now that I’m a sucker for anything with any kind of historical significance. This monument signifies the original center point of the Appalachian Trail when it was finished in 1937. No white blazes at that time. I’m sure that the trail had to be hard to follow. It sits on a knoll three miles South of Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania.

About a half mile later we came upon a series of holes and a large trough cut into the ground. They looked exactly like bomb craters I recently saw in Vietnam on my trip there with my daughter Jessie and her family.

A little researching revealed that they are test pits dug more than a hundred years ago searching for iron.

1153. Suddenly We Were in the Beautiful Farmlands of Pennsylvania

I remember traveling through Pennsylvania since the 50’s and I can’t ever remember not seeing it green. I know that can’t be so because they get some pretty wicked winters. But….. in general…… it’s a plush green with the thickest grass. I picture the cows here being happy and more content than your average cow. I often feel sorry for their South Carolina cow cousins who must forage in certain pastures during the heat of South Carolina summers.

This was the most dramatic physical change we’ve encountered along this hike of Americana so far. It was our warmest day so all of a sudden the wind which had been a cold enemy became our refreshing friend. It was also easy to see that for the most part we had the trail to ourselves. Occasionally we would see someone walking their dog or a solo runner but, in general, the trail was ours. As a matter of fact even A & A and I are normally separated. Our pace is now not the same so I usually find myself hiking quite a ways behind them and then catch up at points of interest or, more often, talking to other hikers.

1545. Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania

This is now one of my favorite AT adventure spots on the trail. I was actually FaceTimeing with my mother when I entered the town. I walked through the green fields into a patch of woods and onto a road that led over a stone bridge into a town of leisurely people. It didn’t take long to see that they were hanging out on a lake in the middle of town called Children’s Lake. It was full of rainbow trout and many of the people were fishing. I let my mother watch one fisherman reel in one of the trout which he had hooked while we were talking. She loves eating fish as does my brother Scott so she was more than wanting the catch. I would definitely be more of a catch and release kinda guy.

The town was perfect: clean, well manicured with the historic buildings all well cared for. First settled about 1737 the lake was built by making use of 33 springs in the area. It was all tied into the iron industry.

It is also now on the historical register because it was a major part of the Underground Railroad which helped slaves escape to the North.

1545. Jim and Chris

My memory is failing me and that’s the only excuse to use at the moment. In other words I need to write it down. This couple was sitting at the ATC office and we talked for awhile about the hike. They had just hiked in from Carlyle, Pennsylvania. He has been a runner and they are talking about making the transition to backpacking. So Jim I apologize if I’m wrong and I ask you to correct me on your names so my post will be accurate!!!

1748. Allenbury: The Night’s Lodging

We had been out for two nights and decided that Boiling Springs would be a great place to hang out. Besides I needed to begin catching up on my stories and that wasn’t happening on the trail. The place available was Allenbury about a mile out of town but only a half mile off of the trail. A wonderful upscale facility it had a great restaurant and separate buildings called lodges. We gratefully worked our way to our room and showered. Each common area had a sitting room with a large fireplace. I curled up in a real chair and began my one finger typing. It is the only reason that I am now within two days of being current with this journal for the AT hike of 2021. Hike on.

One thought on “1 May 2021. Day 34. 12.2 Miles + 408.5 Miles = 420.7 Miles. Jim Frye Shelter to Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania. Ice Cream in Boiling Springs!!

  1. OMG! Typing with one finger—that is so amazing to get all this verbiage down. You are remarkable. And your pictures are so clear!l and beautiful.


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