3 May 2021. Day 36. 10.9 Miles + 434.9 Miles = 445.8 Miles. Jim Frye Shelter to Kind of Outdoorsy Hostel in Duncannon, Pennsylvania. We are ready for a Zero!

0823. Eleven Miles to Duncannon and Break in the Action

Your body lets you know when it’s time to take a break and my was screaming in every possible way. It’s not that I couldn’t walk more miles…. I could have done that. It’s just that your mind and body somehow find a way to inform you that they both need a morning when your pack will not be thrown up over your shoulder and then strapped to your body.

0823. You Still Absorb Every Step

But for me I become so much more aware of possible pitfalls that may have me doing a face plant. Above is an area which involved a lot of plant growth around wetland areas. The smell of new grass and plant life was everywhere. This led into an area that had a series of planking to walk on.

0836. This Means Less Mileage Without a Rocky Mountain Climb!

I love these sections although I must admit that with Vert T. Go staying within the line is a bit difficult. The trail is a little depressed from the rest of the terrain because of thousands of footsteps so weaving along without falling off the trail is a bit of a challenge.

0944 The Highest Point of the Day

This view at the highest point for the day was actually provided by a gas line. I didn’t hang around long…. I was ready to be in the house and I knew that I had some rocking ahead even if it was downhill. Remember…. both of my falls have been downhill.

1151 The High Rock View of Duncannon, Pennsylvania on the Susquehanna River

I was making good time at about 2.5 miles an hour in spite of multiple areas of rock. There had only been two couples walking SOBO all day….. one day hiking and one section hiking. By this time I was dealing with light rain and I was concerned about my footing.

The area above the rock overlook was washed away by hundreds of people who had not followed the trail. It was obvious that this was a tourist area visited by people who didn’t care about the integrity of the trail. I heard voices below and found After 5 and Forager climbing the mountain toward me. They were not too happy. The trail had been so badly damaged they had gotten turned around and were hiking SOBO instead of NOBO. I got them turned around and they once again hiked past the overlook and down the mountain toward Duncannon. Trash littered the area below the overlook where jerks had just tossed it from the rocks.

1204. Tired Feet Bark at the Rocks

The downward trail became rock and a little past this picture it became tall rock steps. The rain made it super slick. My good pace slowed to a crawl. A few folks were climbing the mountain in spite of the rain. In spite of being with two miles of the town it seemed that it was moving away from me. A & A caught up with me and the five of us walked together for a ways.

1237 Sherman Creek and Peter’s Mountain

Finally! We arrived in town. It was immediately apparent that this area was depressed. The vibes were totally opposite what it had been in Boiling Springs. Homes were uncared for, businesses were shuttered, roads were a series of patched pot holes. The rain had settled in and we were now walking down the streets in a steady soaking rain. We soon found our hostel thankfully and stored our gear in the nearly packed facility.

The only restaurant open was a local pub that served brews and burgers. We were joined by After Five and Forager and all five of us sat there exhausted downing our meal. After Five kept us going with his endless stories but my feet were secretly doing a side straddle hop under the table begging me to take them to the hostel and a shower.

We had made it to Duncannon and my second zero over the last month. I was just too tired to hike on.

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