22 May 2021. Day 45. 7.8 Mile NERO + 549.0 Miles = 556.8 Miles. Bake Oven Shelter to Palmerton.

07:51. The Green of Pennsylvania

The night was more than pleasant. As I lay there I could hear a steady wind high above my tent that just created the slightest breeze at tent level. It was extremely comfortable and it sounded a little like listening to the surf at the beach. If this was a beach it made the coast of Maine look like the sand at Panama City Beach.

08:09. Abandoned Equipment

By now I could have outfitted several hikers with the equipment I’ve found forgotten or abandoned along the trail. Yesterday it was a flashlight near the Pinnacle. That was a Bell and Howell and had all kinds of accessories. Just after this I found an expensive knife sitting on a rock. They all have weight…. they may be still there. I sure wasn’t going to carry it over these rocks.

08:20. Soma of Virginia

Soma is from Virginia and has been a yoga instructor. Her trail name is derived from aspects of that experience. I didn’t meet her but she had been camping at Eckville and she was sitting at the campsite last night when I arrived. We said a long distance “hello” before I picked a spot and set up my tent. This morning a group of four left about 04:30. I left about 07:20 leaving her the only one in camp. As usual she soon caught and passed me. She’s one of those people that you like immediately. She is a flip-flopper who began in Harper’s Ferry about 20+ days ago.

09:05. Even Under the Power Lines are Rocks

One of the geographic points on the hiking app was the crossing under a major power line. I thought that would be great because it would provide a respite from the rocks at least for the width of the right of way. This was the power line.

0911. Thank Goodness for Trail Magic

It had been dry for awhile so I was glad to find this trail magic left by Mun and Cricket. I sat on the rock here and ordered a hiking quilt which will lower my weight carried by a pound and be much more compact. Well….. Jan ordered it. Once she gets it we’ll figure out just where she will send it to. I’ve witnessed more than one case that hikers have ordered equipment from companies only to find it not there when they arrived. That creates a logistical nightmare. The Professor (Glenn) was hiking days without a tent.

09:55. They are Getting Bigger

My plan was to hike 17.6 miles today but you know how plans change. By noon I had gone 6.4 which would have projected to 16.4 for the day. Instead I stopped at a shelter to eat lunch and discovered that I didn’t have any more lunches. There was an older couple there who had backpacked a total of 90 pounds up the mountain in order to meet their niece and her boyfriend who were through hiking. A huge plastic tub of homemade lasagna was there as well as a cooler of food and drinks. Now that’s a supportive aunt and uncle. I ended up talking with them over an hour and in doing so decided to get off at Palmerton and spend the night out of this heat. By 16:00 hours I was tucked away at Bert’s Steakhouse and Hostel sipping on a strawberry smoothie. Peacefull Turtle and Soma were both there. We had dinner together and retreated to our bunks. Life is good.

One thought on “22 May 2021. Day 45. 7.8 Mile NERO + 549.0 Miles = 556.8 Miles. Bake Oven Shelter to Palmerton.

  1. Sometimes you just have to have a strawberry something or other. One of my favorites also. Anything strawberry 🍓. Be safe out there. Hike on carefully. Mind those snake’s.


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