30 May 2021. Day 53. 0 Miles + 644.5 Miles = 644.5 Miles. A Day Organizing in Middletown, New York.

There was no question that we made the right decision to stay in Middletown New York. We rented a room at the Microtel along the interstate which also had the added advantage of multiple restaurants, a Target, and an urgent healthcare center. After cleaning up and working on our gear we got a meal and then took the long walk to Target in order to get supplies.

I decided to go to the urgent care center to have follow up blood work done post infected tick bites. Those results should come while I’m back on the trail. I’ve got one more spot that looks suspicious so my eye has been watching…… well my camera has been watching…. it’s on the back side. Now we are itching to get back into the woods. The rain has stopped and there was even a moment of sun. The temperature is suppose to creep back up and New Jersey is ready for us to finish her off. We’re gonna ” hike on!” We’re just one Lyft ride away.

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