7 June 2021. Day 60. 14.9 Miles + 719.5 = 734.4 Miles. Stealth Site to Stealth Site Near Highway 52.

09:11. Dead Eye

It was a pleasant morning especially after the sleep the night before. I had been on the trail for about two hours before I met my first hiker. He came up behind me NOBO and explained that he had begun February 14 but had been off trail for a time because of the death of his mother because of COVID-19.

09:27. Old Mining Road

This was an old mining area and the trail followed the roads built back in the mining days. This road was rock based and highly elevated.

09:40. Telephone of the Wind

This was a kinda cool idea initiated in Japan. Pick up the phone and call a loved one no longer with us.

09:45-11:30. Canopus Lake

This ended up being a very long and difficult walk around about half of the lake.

12:54. Graffiti I Like

Ok so I’m a little bit of a hypocrite. There is a piece of graffiti that I like.

15:24. Sue and the Dog Who Said “NO MORE!!!!!”

I turned a corner into this shelter and found Sue talking with Hawkeye. She and her sister had been hiking but she had become sick. The sister was hiking back to get the car but realized that she had left the keys behind. That meant that Sue and the dog were going to have to hike to her. The dog was carrying his own food and when Sue picked up the dog pack the dog suddenly rolled over onto his back and put his paws up in the air. “No please don’t make me carry that thing again. “. No matter what she did he would not accept the pack. Hawkeye finally offered to carry the key to the sister. “You owe me a beer ” he told the dog as we were leaving.

17:26. Another 15 Mile Day of New York in the Books!

Hawkeye and I made it to highway 52 where a 0.8 mile hike brought us to a deli that allowed us to stealth camp in the back yard. He got there first and by the time we got settled and went to the store we found a sign……”Closed”. Some days dogs won’t pack and hikers won’t get food treats either.

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