10 June 2021. Day 63. 10.2 Miles + 764.4 Miles = 774.6 Miles . Schaticoke Camp Ground to Stewart Hollow Brook Shelter. Shower Out of Order

07:07. Kent, Connecticut

Life remaining sopping wet is just plain miserable! Our life became a mission to arrive in the Town of Kent for laundry and resupply. My smelly clothes would have driven any self respecting person for cover and my body was not far behind. Kent offered the added attraction of a welcome center with a shower. The triple crown of hiking: shower, laundry and resupply. Kent must be very close to Heaven!

09:06. The Promised Shower

You can imagine our massive disappointment when we arrived only to find that the shower was disconnected. It had one of those coin operated showers and it had been removed. Kent has one of the highest per capita incomes in the nation and the word was some of its fine citizens did not approve of hiker trash.

09:15. The Solution!

Luckily where there is a Will there is a way. On the back of the building was a tap used to fill water bottles. Many of the town folk used the little park to walk their well coiffured dogs. We took turns washing down under the tap… not ideal but under the circumstances better than remaining in our present state.

09:22. The Need to Dry Gear

Our gear and clothing was soaked. Soon everything we owned was spread across the grass to dry. In fairness to the town I will say that there were several friendly inhabitants who stopped to ask questions about the hike.

12:01. Kent: A Cute Town with an Attitude

But in general I’d say the attitude toward hikers was negative. Case in point was the manager of the local laundry who made the soup Nazi on Seinfeld look like Mary Poppins. She stormed in barking at those doing laundry. There was no soap in the building so everyone was confused about what to do. Her screaming resolved that……. we decided to beat the snot out of her. Sadly you can’t do that these days so everyone remained quiet and yearned for days of old.

Actually we had split duties. I had laundry …. thus my bad attitude about the manager, Little Bear had resupply duties first at the grocery store and Hawkeye got to make friends at the welcome center since he ended up being the equipment guard.

16:13. Approaching Stewart Hollow Brook Shelter

Caleb’s Peak as we were about to enter our next camp area.

17:53. The Housatonic River

Once again we found ourselves along the Housatonic River.

19:29. Reunion with Soma

I was actually talking to Jan on the phone when Soma hiked by me. Dang if I know how she got behind me. She’s a strong hiker, we spoke for a few moments in camp. She would soon be gone planning to do 24 miles the next day. Ha!!!!! I might as well try to hike to the moon. We were in a groove….. and “hiking on” that many miles was not within my comfort zone!!!!!

I will add as a reminder that this my journal so it contains even my negative thoughts when they happen. I’m sure that Kent, Connecticut is a wonderful place….. it’s just that my small interaction happened to be…on the wrong side of good. Maybe my next visit be better.

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