13 June 2021. Day 66. 6.8 Miles (NERO) + 800.3 Miles = 807.1 Miles. Undermountain Road to Paradise Lane Trail. Up and Over Bear Mountain.

08.34. Egremont, Massachusetts

I can tell you that I was more than ready to meet with Silver and take a little time off the trail. The day by day fatigue walking these trails get to you after a while. There are not many aspects of your body that do not ache and the desire to be in a clean room with the ability to take a shower and just lay back on a soft pillow is sometimes overwhelming.

At the local Deli was this blessing box in which you could take whatever you needed if you found items that might pertain to you. The thought was nice and it did give a little bit of a lift before we went out for the hike of the day.

09:09-09. Summit of Bear Mountain

The hike today involved summiting Bear Mountain in Connecticut which is the last feature in the state before moving into Massachusetts. Silver day hiked it down awhile as part of his job. The hike ended up being a NERO of 6.8 miles with a return to the motel after the hike.

11:30. For Those Who Can’t Lean Against Trees

They say that coming out on the AT is a great place to come out to sit and commune with nature. Of course, there could be quite a few people watching if your too close to a campsite!!

12:12. Lionshead Peak

On the way down from the summit of Bear Mountain you come upon Lionshead Peak. It was a crowd favorite.

13:36. Bucca

This is Bucca who just got on the trail two days ago and is hiking to Katahdin.

The 13th would be the final day in Connecticut. The next day we would be hiking into Massachusetts and another state would be taken off the list.

Connecticut had its share of hardships. Silver’s help and shuttles was invaluable and it will be difficult to walk away. In spite of that tomorrow it will be time to ‘hide on”!

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