15 June 2021. Day 68. 14.4 Miles + 821.0 Miles = 835.4 Miles. Stealth to North Oxford Mountain Shelter. Beating the Rain!

09:03. How to Lose a Water Bottle

I can tell you that I was quite a bit more gun shy when I tackled the same kind of rock the next day. The memory of my feet flying out from under me so quickly had left a major impression. On the rock shown above I slipped about 90% of the way to the top. It wasn’t a fall to the ground but the action dislodged one of my water bottles and it rolled all the way to the bottom. I stood there with my pack on clinging to the rock trying to decide exactly what I should do to retrieve the bottle. After a time I decided to climb to the bottom of the rock with my pack on and then once again climb the rock in the hopes of making it to the top.

09:30. The View of Everett

Today’s climb included climbing to a spot where there was a perfect view of what I had hiked the day before.

12:41. Some Rocks Just Are Not Friendly

It’s really amazing what kind of punishment our feet can take. When I think of what I walk over, around and through every day it really boggles my mind. I can just imagine what my feet would like to say to me when I ask them to negotiate yet another irregular downhill squeeze.

12:47. Ice Gorge

The ice gorge had some of the same features as Sage’s Ravine. It is known for still having ice in the base of it well into the warm season.

12:53. Fall Number 7

Whether I was super cautious or not fall number 7 happened anyway. I’m not even sure how it happened. It was rocky but not all that bad. I think that one of my now well worn poles sunk into a hole between two rocks. That happens often. It nearly rips your arm off as the pole remains wedged while the rest of your body is still moving forward. In this case the pole took the brunt of the damage although I once again managed to bruise my right elbow.

13:48. Heading to Benedict Pond

Normally approaching a pond is a good thing. It ensures that at least for awhile you will be hiking some flat ground around its edge. That was the case with Benedict Pond. I first took advantage of the trail magic water provided and then worked my way to the pond where I took a break on the rock. I later found out that Hawkeye had turned it into a swimming hole. A couple, their son and dog appeared while I was there……another conversation ensued about what it was like to hike the AT.

15:57. Benedict Pond

My sitting rock.

17:53. Beaver Pond

Just another beaver pond.

My daughter Whitney called today. Something has attacked my cat Brendine back home. Jamie found cat hair all over my porch and later saw a wounded Brendine so he called Whitney. Dang I hate that! The wound now looks clean but Whitney called the vet for guidance.

I ran into Bucca again today. He was hiking with Ducky who I had met way back in Waynesboro, Virginia. I hear that she is hiking 26 miles a day yet somehow we ended up on the same mountain ledge in New England. She obviously got off the trail for some reason. There is something to be said about just trudging on. Sooner or later you reach your goal as long as you resist the desire to give up the ghost. But……. some days I’m just so dang tired! Ok….. enough of that…… hike on!

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