20 June 2021. Day 73. 16.6 Miles + 892.6 Miles = 909.2 Miles. Williamstown, Massachusetts to Harmon Hill, Vermont. Into the Mud of Vermont

07:02. Hiker Trail Magic Water Supply

It seemed like we were in Williamstown for 10 seconds. Before I knew it the next morning had arrived and Hawkeye was talking one of the other motel residents into giving us a ride to the trailhead. He was persuasive enough to get us a ride.

Moments later we were hiking the trail. We had barely gone a few feet when we found this bit of trail magic. Water is always accepted!

07:55. Fire North of Williamstown

The last couple of miles of Massachusetts has recently experienced a fire. We soon hiked into the burned area. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not.

08:18. Rock Garden

The last mileage in Massachusetts was your basic rock garden. The picture above was the good part of the garden. The combination of up, rocks and fire made the last mile of Massachusetts very memorable.

08:31. Nearing Vermont Border

At this point in the trail the Appalachian and Long Trail of Vermont, which leads into Canada, coincides for 105 miles.

09:15. Welcome to Vermont

The combination of the Appalachian and Long Trails.

09;30. 1,600 Miles of the AT

Hawkeye and I have now hiked the first 1,600 miles of the Appalachian Trail.

13:47. A Pond Seemingly Untouched by Man

There are no roads to these bogs and beaver ponds so in essence they are untouched by humans. Only the occasional hiker gets to witness the daily serene play of nature at work.

13:53. Sauce is Fishing Again

Let it not be said that Sauce is not enjoying his time on the trail. He is only doing a section this time so we not be seeing him for long.

18:28. Camping on Harmon Hill

The word was that there was a great stealth camp site on Harmon Hill about 2 1/2 miles beyond the shelter. Arrival at the shelter, which was on a creek, provided us with Mosquitoes, horse flies and gnats. It was not a difficult decision. We hiked on. It was a perfect decision. A steady light breeze, a perfect view, no mosquitoes and a sunset. I’ve never slept so well!!!

20:08. Sunset on Harmon Hill

“Hike On!”

2 thoughts on “20 June 2021. Day 73. 16.6 Miles + 892.6 Miles = 909.2 Miles. Williamstown, Massachusetts to Harmon Hill, Vermont. Into the Mud of Vermont

  1. How much more do you have left? Beautiful pics but I’ll live it thru your eyes because I could not do what you and others are doing. I admire all of you that take on a huge challenge like this! You’re a better man than I am. LOL ✨⛺


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