26 June 2021. Day 79. 16.8 Miles + 954.1 Miles = 970.9 Miles. Bromley Mountain to Little Rock Pond. Moose sighting!!!! (tent-4)

06:09. Morning was a Totally Different Story

As beautiful as it was the night before the next morning was the direct opposite. During the night the wind picked up terribly and by morning I had three tent pegs torn from the ground. We were now in the clouds which were supersaturated with moisture and everything was soaked. I was reading messages and doing anything I could to avoid going outside the tent when Hawkeye came by and told me he was freezing and moving on to get off the top of the mountain. Evidently the wind had his hammock rocking and rolling all night.

06:23. Invitation to be Wet

The moment I packed and hiked across the open summit and found the trail I was faced with plant growth. It was going to be a wet morning. I just wanted to be out of the wind!

06:41. Please Sit on Me!

Twenty minutes later I came upon this rock formation. It was the perfect place to sit and evaluate the days plan. The hope was to get almost 17 miles under our belts.

08:54. Morning Dove and Landfill

I had been hearing about these two for more than a month but had not run into them before today. She is Vietnamese and I believe that he is from Thailand. He got his trail name because he eats everything in sight!

09:15. “I’m Just Beginning the Vermont Long Trail. No One has Given Me a Name!

Also joining us for a couple of days was this nice young man who was hiking the Vermont Long Trail. The original long distance trail in the U.S. and the one that the AT was fashioned after, it coincides with the AT for 105 miles. This picture was taken at Styles Peak near Peru, Vermont.

11:51. Griffith Lake, Peru, Vermont

Just another of the many natural lakes in the area. This one actually has access for the community.

13:00. Baker Cliff at East Dorset, Vermont

Baker Cliffs was problematic for me. The formation of the rock along with the constant rise of elevation gave Vert T. Go fits.

13:38. The View from Baker Cliffs

However, the view at the top was rewarding. I met several day hikers here and I spent some time with them.

15:26. Steady and Keri

At one point Hawkeye and I crossed a suspension bridge and down below we could see Steady and Keri taking advantage of the river for a bit of bathing.

17:56. Little Rock Pond

The home for the night. Another tent night with about ten others in camp. There had been a moose sighting just before this pond so everyone was now on the lookout. 970 miles of hiking was now logged of “hiking on.”

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