04-08-2018. Day 32. Indian Grave Gap to Greasy Creek Gap. 16.4 miles (368.0 + 8.8 = 376.8 Miles)

Sarge is still ticking

The morning began by meeting Sarge at 0730 for a shuttle ride back to Indian Grave Gap. From the lowlands with no snow we found ourselves in frozen tundra. It was cold with frozen ground and snow. I wondered why I was here. I dreaded taking the first step.

The AT at Indian Grave Gap

We were back in Winter and with that there was a collective groan from all hikers. We had left the Smokies hoping that it was now behind us. We were not that lucky.

7 thoughts on “04-08-2018. Day 32. Indian Grave Gap to Greasy Creek Gap. 16.4 miles (368.0 + 8.8 = 376.8 Miles)

  1. For Max’s family, a tear and a “sincere reflection” from me. How much this will mean to the family, the kindness of hiking strangers. This post made me cry and be thankful for the heart of strangers. ♥

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  2. I love the contrast in the pictures of the snow, it’s glorious. Hate that you are having to deal with cold snow again though. My favorite picture is of the snow framing the valley below. I want to know where the hostel got that game table. I need one of those


  3. well I hoped you would have no more rain so looks like my hope came true ! You had snow and snow doesn’t make you wet , just cold .

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  4. Keep plugging along. I check in on your progress every day. I find myself flipping back and forth between I would like to say I accomplished that to Wayne’s just freaking nuts! Be safe my friend

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