20 April 2021. Day 23. 0 Miles + 268.5 Miles = 268.5 Miles. Staying Put in Front Royal, Virginia

I Knew That I Was Tired of Flowers!!

This morning arrived and I was raring to get this tooth deal behind me. The Dude and I met at 0700 and walked to an open restaurant per the internet only to find it closed. So we walked in the opposite direction and this time met success. Full of breakfast he got back on the trail while I hiked on to my dental appointment. Nice office….. personable staff, highly efficient. The implant finally came out while I was brushing my three remaining teeth this morning. It looked good.

The doctor came in and I gave him the short version of the tooth. He took one look and I felt the mood in the room change. This was not going to be good.

“Well, I hate to give you bad news. You have broken the implant.”

What!!!!! How can that be? I’ve been hiking with my legs. They get tired! I get out of breath by climbing big butt hills!! My teeth are just along for the ride. Their only responsibility is to stay out of the way and get brushed a couple of times a day. What’s so difficult about that?

“You see,” he continued, ” you heavily grind your teeth at night. Metal on metal can’t take that. There is a ring down in the implant that allows the screw within the crown to fit properly . The movement has caused what we call ‘flowering’ of the ring.”

I knew that I was tired of those stupid flowers!!! Now they are destroying my tooth! I gave my stupid cats a break by beginning to like them but flowers are not going to get off so easy! Down with all flowers and their flowering!

That was it. Nothing could be done. Revision work would have to wait until I return home. I’m now an official gapper until a plan is worked out. On the positive side if I decide to drink a cold beverage with a straw I have a convenient place to insert the straw without opening my mouth.

I spent the rest of the day prepping for a return to the hike. Because of the excessive weight of the tooth I mailed it back to Jan. I’ve asked her to place it on her breakfast nook table where she normally sets flowers that I’ve sent her. See!!!!! Flowers are bad!!!!!

At least she won’t have to water my tooth.

Tomorrow I will be missing one tooth when I “hike on”. I hope my legs, heart and lungs don’t go out on strike because of the loss. Like I said….. it was only along for the ride. And that’s the tooth, so help me God.

2 thoughts on “20 April 2021. Day 23. 0 Miles + 268.5 Miles = 268.5 Miles. Staying Put in Front Royal, Virginia

  1. You come up with some very creative stories which get you off track Tooth be told I think you are a slacker so molar or no molar , get moving and get this thing done .When wagon trains headed west they did not stop for dental visits , they persevered How do you think corn meal mush came about or mashed potatoes or even sausage. Walk on


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