12 June 2021. Day 65. 10.3 Miles + 790.0 Miles = 800.3 Miles. Belter’s Campground to Undermountain Road. The Meeting with Silver

06:29. Falls Village, Connecticut

Silver is now a working man and he was on duty the next day so Hawkeye and I took advantage of the work commitment to hike another 10 miles. It was only a mile from Belter’s Campground before we fell back into civilization. Once again we found ourselves in green fields with working farms. Guthook said that there was a real live restaurant not far ahead. The weather forecast had been calling for rain and it didn’t lie. No sooner had we taken our equipment down and packed it and it let loose.

06:40. Railroad Stuff

In order to get to the restaurant we had to hike up and over the railroad tracks. Do you know how difficult it is to walk up and over railroad gravel?

09:53 The Best Breakfast Ever in Canaan, Connecticut

The effort was worth it. Ice Bear was sitting on the porch when we got there with the same thought in mind. We all ordered big. As a matter of fact Ice Bear ordered a second breakfast. I don’t know where he put it!! We stayed until the rain passed and then moved on in an attempt to meet Silver in the afternoon. Tonight would be spent in a motel with the promise of food and a laundry.

10:30-10:42. Housatonic River in Falls Village

The hike through the community was interesting as we worked our way up the Housatonic River.

10:44. The World of Old Homes

Everywhere I looked the communities were dotted with old homes all of which were well maintained.

10:44-10:58. Great Falls on Housatonic River

Just before leaving the river we passed the damn system and the falls created by it.

11:05. The Hike into Salisbury, Connecticut

The final big mountain in Connecticut would be Bear Mountain and we were saving that for the next day. The hike down it into Massachusetts was extremely steep so it would pay us to be well rested.

12:22. Salisbury, Connecticut

Views of the valleys around Salisbury.

13:03. Another Milestone

Another milestone for the total hike. 1,500 miles.

13:03. Hawkeye and Smalls

Along the way we ran into Smalls who has been slack packing the AT. 56 years old and the mother of 5 she has been working on conquering the entire trail.

Silver picked us up that afternoon at the trail head on the road and drove us into Great Barrington, Massachusetts. We had a motel room reserved at a Days Inn in town which allowed us the opportunity to do laundry and eat. The next day my brother Scott was scheduled to arrive with the long-awaited replacement gear that Jan had bought for me. I hoped to soon be able to hike lighter. 

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